Environmental Testing and Reporting

Expert Environmental Testing and Reporting Services

At CDR Geotechnical & Environmental Services, we specialise in environmental testing and reporting to assist clients with effective land rehabilitation solutions. Our experienced team provides comprehensive services to evaluate key factors impacting land and ecosystem quality.

We conduct thorough tests following guidelines and standards set by EPA Victoria and the National Environment Protection Council. Our accurate, reliable results help clients address environmental issues, ensure regulatory compliance, and rehabilitate land to its desired state.

Wide Range of Environmental Tests

Our NATA-accredited laboratory uses cutting-edge equipment and methods to perform a diverse range of environmental tests meeting specified testing protocols. We evaluate parameters like:

  • Soil contaminants and structure
  • Water quality indicators
  • Air particle and pollution monitoring
  • Identification of contaminants
  • Waste characterisation

Our tailored testing and reporting provides data-driven insights so you can confidently develop rehabilitation strategies for your site.

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Skilled Technical Experts

Our environmental testing services are carried out by skilled technicians. Our team possesses extensive expertise in environmental analysis. Additionally, if needed, we have the option to outsource specific aspects of the testing process.

We combine technical excellence with strict adherence to tetsing protocols to produce results and reports you can trust.

Quality Assured Processes

Our laboratory maintains NATA accreditation for a wide range of environmental tests. We are also certified to ISO 9001 quality management standard and ISO 14001 environment management systems standard.

These certifications reflect our commitment to producing precise, reliable environmental testing and reporting to the highest industry standards. You can be confident in the integrity of our processes, analyses and results.