Construction Materials Testing

Expert Construction Materials Testing Services

At CDR Geotechnical & Environmental Services, our experienced team provides comprehensive construction materials testing to help builders, civil contractors, and engineers make informed decisions and ensure the safety and longevity of construction projects.

We evaluate a wide range of materials used in construction projects through field testing and lab analyses. Accurate, reliable results from our materials testing informs engineering decisions and helps ensure optimal material performance in construction projects of all types and sizes.

Comprehensive Range of Tests Available

Our NATA-accredited facilities and trained technicians use the latest equipment and methods to test a wide range of materials including concrete, soils, and aggregates.

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Skilled Technicians

Our materials testing services are performed by highly experienced and skilled technicians.

Our lab holds all required certifications to operate testing equipment and properly perform advanced test procedures. Our team combines in-depth technical knowledge with hands-on expertise to deliver accurate, reliable results you can trust.

We adhere to strict quality protocols and are committed to providing exceptional service.

Quality Assured Testing

We provide trusted materials testing you can rely on. Our laboratory holds NATA accreditation, demonstrating technical competence to perform a wide range of construction materials tests. We are also certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems requirements.

These stringent certifications reflect our commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and meeting industry best practices. When you partner with us for materials testing, you can have full confidence in the integrity, precision, and reliability of our results.

Materials Testing

These are some of the construction materials we frequently test.


We assess concrete strength, durability, density and other physical properties through tests like compressive strength, slump, and air content testing. Our results help clients optimise concrete mix designs.


We determine the stability, density, gradation and composition of asphalt using tests like Marshall stability, binder content analysis and aggregate sieving. Clients can verify compliance with specifications.


We evaluate soils used for foundations, earthworks and more through compaction testing, permeability analysis, moisture content determination and other advanced tests.


We thoroughly test aggregates for characteristics like strength, gradation, soundness and absorption using techniques like LA abrasion and specific gravity testing.


We conduct tensile, hardness, chemical composition, weld inspection and other tests to verify the quality and properties of structural steel and other metals.