CDR Geotech is a leading Geotechnical and Environmental services company working with and advising across multiple industry sectors and markets.



Our core values are established to allow us to focus on who we are and what we aim to deliver to our employees, customers and partners alike. Quality is a key part of our service offerings with a focus on the development of our internal capabilities to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experienced team members lead by example through an established culture of ownership, professional development and we nurture a workplace environment where teamwork is the ‘norm’ and our motto is to ‘look after each other’.

Our focus on safety is ever present, as is compliance and any potential impacts on the environment. We have a strong focus on our social responsibilities as an organisation, with our policies ensuring that we acknowledge and actively encourage diversity and inclusion.

We have a clear understanding of our business, its context and our future goals – this is readily shared by our team so that we all have the same ideals and a defined pathway for our collective future together.


To best demonstrate the quality of our work in both the Geotechnical and Environmental fields we have listed some of the companies and organisations that have put their faith in CDR GeoTech.