Construction Materials Testing – Laboratory

CMT Laboratory Testing

CDR is a NATA accredited facility providing a wide range of construction material testing services in house. Testing is conducted using state of the art equipment and experienced geotechnical technicians and engineers.

  • Moisture Content;
  • Maximum Dry Density Compaction Curves (Standard);
  • Maximum Dry Density Compaction Curves (Modified);
  • Plasticity Index;
  • Particle Size Distribution; (PSD)
  • Californian Bearing Ratio; (CBR)
  • Constant Head Permeability (Pending)
  • Falling Head Permeability (Pending)
  • Min/Max (Pending)
  • Flakiness (Pending)
  • Hilf Compaction Tests; (Standard)
  • Hilf Compaction Tests; (Modified)
  • Dry Density Ratio;
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer; (DCP)
  • Soil Classification/Identification;
  • Material Assigned Value Establishment;
  • Field work with nuclear gauge;
  • Advice on construction materials and methodology.